Quick Overview of Blazor Query Builder Component

Arun Raj
2 min readMar 21, 2024

In this video, explore the Syncfusion Blazor Query Builder — an intuitive toolset engineered to simplify data filtering for extensive datasets. Discover how to integrate conditions with DataGrids and Charts for instant data visualization.

The Blazor Query Builder generates structured JSON filters that can be seamlessly parsed into SQL queries or data manager predicates. You can also import and export filters in JSON or SQL formats, making it easy to manage and share your filter queries. Additionally, the component offers a Summary view, allowing you to showcase filter queries in SQL format for better clarity and understanding.

Binding data from various sources, including JSON, OData, WCF, RESTful services, and more, is a breeze with the Blazor Query Builder. You can quickly define column schemas on the go and create filters with a simple addition or deletion of conditions or groups, providing you with maximum flexibility and control. Furthermore, the component supports model binding, allowing you to bind properties to the components used in field and operator columns.

You can also organize hierarchical or multilevel data using subfields, ensuring a comprehensive and organized filtering experience. Customization options abound with the Blazor Query Builder. You can customize the UI using templates, adding controls like Checkbox, Slider, and Dropdown List to the header, columns, and value elements. Additionally, you can change the appearance of the component with custom styling and built-in themes, ensuring that it seamlessly integrates with your application’s design. Accessibility is a top priority with the Blazor Query Builder, offering complete WAI-ARIA support for screen readers and assistive devices.

Moreover, text direction can be displayed in a right-to-left direction, catering to diverse user needs. With a highly responsive layout and finely optimized design for desktops, touchscreens, and phones, the Blazor Query Builder provides a smooth and seamless filtering experience across devices.

Product overview: https://www.syncfusion.com/blazor-components/blazor-query-builder

Examples: https://blazor.syncfusion.com/demos/query-builder/default-functionalities?theme=fluent