How to Open and Save Excel Files in the Vue Spreadsheet

Arun Raj
2 min readMar 27, 2024

Learn how to open and save Excel files using the Syncfusion Vue spreadsheet component. This video demonstrates how to open and save Excel files using the Syncfusion Vue spreadsheet component. It also showcases how to load an Excel file when the application loads, configure a server, and send custom parameters.

The Vue Spreadsheet, an Excel viewer, is a feature-rich component for web applications to organize and analyze data in tabular format, like Microsoft Excel. It provides all the common spreadsheet features, including data binding, selection, freeze panes, editing, formatting, protection, resizing, sorting, importing, and exporting Excel documents.

The Vue Spreadsheet is designed and optimized for loading large amounts of data into a worksheet and viewing it on demand with the help of row and column virtualization. A worksheet is a collection of cells arranged in rows and columns that lets you save, format, and work with data.

You can create, delete, and rename worksheets, as well as customize the headers, gridlines, and sheet visibility in our Vue Spreadsheet. The native data format for spreadsheets is JSON. When you open an Excel file, it needs to be read and converted to the client-side spreadsheet model. This converted client-side model is sent as JSON, which is then used to render the spreadsheet. Similarly, when you save the spreadsheet, the client-side model is sent to the server as JSON for processing, and is saved in Excel file formats. Server configuration plays a role in this process.

Tutorial video:

Download an example from GitHub: