Getting Started with the Vue Spreadsheet Component

Arun Raj
2 min readFeb 1, 2024

Learn how easily you can create and configure the Syncfusion Vue Spreadsheet using the Vite tool to organize and analyze data in a tabular format. The Vue Spreadsheet or Excel viewer is a feature-rich component for organizing and analyzing data in a tabular format like Microsoft Excel for web applications. It provides all the standard Excel features, including data binding, selection, freeze panes, editing, formatting, protection, resizing, sorting, importing, and exporting documents.

In this video, you’ll learn how to configure the basic features of the Spreadsheet component, such as data binding and importing and exporting Excel files from the Spreadsheet.

The Vue Spreadsheet is designed and optimized for loading large amounts of data into a worksheet and view it on demand with the help of row and column virtualization. A worksheet is a collection of cells arranged in rows and columns that lets you save, format, and work with data. You can create, delete, and rename worksheets, as well as customize the headers, gridlines, and sheet visibility in the Spreadsheet.

The Spreadsheet allows users to format cells and numbers, and also allows conditional formatting to format a cell or range of cells based on the conditions applied. The Vue Spreadsheet library provides a wide range of formulas with cross-sheet reference support and a rich UI with an in-built calculation engine that performs formula calculations.

Tutorial video:

Download an example from GitHub: