Getting Started with the Vue 3D Chart Component

Arun Raj
2 min readFeb 22, 2024

This video demonstrates how to add the Syncfusion Vue 3D Chart component to a Vue application and how to use a few of its basic features, like displaying data labels, legends, and tooltips.

Vue 3D Chart represents data graphically in three dimensions, showcasing relationships and trends among variables. Unlike traditional 2D charts, 3D charts add depth to the visualization, allowing for a more immersive and comprehensive understanding of data patterns.

The tooltip cursor feature allows users to interact with the chart and obtain detailed information about data points. The Vue 3D Chart supports legends, axis types, data labels, rotation, tilt, selection, and highlights. It has a highly responsive layout and an optimized design for desktops, touchscreens, and phones. It works well on all mobile phones that use iOS, Android, or Windows.

The 3D Chart for Vue supports fluid animation to present data with smooth transitions. It can plot six chart types: column, bar, stacking column, stacking bar, 100% stacked column, and 100% stacked bar. Select or highlight data points in a series and add a pattern and color to them to make charts more interactive. Export rendered 3D charts to PDF documents or image formats such as PNG and JPEG on the client side, and print them directly from the browser.

Customize the color of data points, the depth of the wall, and the wall color using built-in APIs. Plot multiple series in a single chart to compare different data values, and enable legends and tooltips to provide more information about a series.

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