Getting Started with the React 3D Charts Component

Arun Raj
1 min readMay 15, 2024

Learn how to create and configure the Syncfusion React 3D Charts component. In this video, I will also show you how to use a few of its basic features: data labels, legends, and tooltips.

The React 3D Charts component provides a graphical representation of data in three dimensions, effectively illustrating relationships and trends among variables. It has support for six chart types: column, bar, stacking column, stacking bar, 100% stacked column, and 100% stacked bar.

The 3D chart control offers options for displaying tooltips, providing detailed information about pointer values when the mouse hovers over them. It can accommodate various data types such as numbers, date-time, logarithmic, and strings.

You can insert a legend to furnish additional information about a series and customize it as needed. Furthermore, the chart’s axis elements can be customized to enhance readability. Data labels are also supported to annotate points. Users can customize the color of data points, adjust the wall’s depth, and alter the wall color of the 3D charts using built-in APIs. The ability to plot multiple series in a single chart enables easy comparison of different data values. The end-user experience is significantly enhanced with a range of interactive features such as rotation, tilt, selection, and highlight.

Tutorial videos:

Download the example from GitHub: