Getting Started with the Angular Color Picker Component

Arun Raj
1 min readFeb 6, 2024

Learn how easily you can add the Syncfusion Color Picker component to an Angular application.

This video demonstrates how to add values to the component, change the display mode, disable the mode switcher, and control buttons. It also shows how to add custom colors to the palette and hide the input area.

The Angular Color Picker is a selector component that allows you to pick colors either by selecting them from the color picker container or by adjusting the hue and opacity. The Color Picker supports inline mode, palette customization, and localization for seamless integration into forms.

Color Picker’s touch-friendly design recognizes touch gestures, allowing users to swipe in all four directions to select a color value. It provides a responsive mode with an adaptive, redesigned UI appearance for mobile devices and a great user experience on all phones, tablets, and desktop form factors.

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